Monday, November 21, 2011

November 22, 1963 - A Date To Be Remembered

Not a day has passed since I was 15, that I have not light a candle to honor President Kennedy. Though I was born in the 1980s, but I share the same memories and grief Americans had back in 1960s. John F. Kennedy was a great leader. He was indeed a politician but he was genuine, witty and charming. He was an optimistic leader and a true patriot at heart and believed that problems could be solved, if one put his country before self. Kennedy has changed my Life like how he did to many Americans. All his dreams ended on the streets of Dallas when those shots rang out. I believe my book 'One Sunny Day In Dallas' will carry a different view on what happened on that fateful day in Dallas.

Kennedy and his wife Jackie traveled to Dallas on a political campaign as a starting point for the 1964's Presidential Elections. While riding in his open limousine on a motorcade through downtown Dallas, the President was struck by bullets which wounded his neck and mortally wounding his skull. The shooting started exactly at 12.29.52 secs (CST) and ended at 12.30.18 secs (CST).

Interesting facts about John F. Kennedy:

1. He was the youngest elected President in US history at age 43.
2. He was the first Roman Catholic in the White House.
3. He sent the world's first weather satellite & communication satellite in order to get weather forecasts and live coverage on TV programs.
4. He sent the first American into Space and vowed that the first man on the Moon would be an American.
5. The color blue, white & teal for the Presidential jet Air Force One were picked by his wife Jackie.

Here are some photos of President Kennedy shortly before his murder;

In Memoriam of John F. Kennedy

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